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  • 20 Dec 2023 1:42 PM | Anonymous

    Congratulations to Dr. Pazhani Ranganathan on his appointment as Chair, SIG, Yoga Therapy in Neuro Rehabilitation, World Federation of Neuro Rehabilitation.

  • 27 Sep 2023 12:18 PM | Anonymous

    Dr. Vineeta Singh receives USCF's 2023 Exceptional Physician Award!

  • 27 Sep 2023 12:16 PM | Anonymous


    O my brainy heart , skip a beat ;

    Pump slowly and feel the heat .

    While counselling the mother of a CP child ,

    May i hold her hand & say,

    Tell my eyes not to sway away ,

    To say that the difficulties won't progress,

    Rather than conveying it as a permanent distress.

    O my brainy heart , skip a beat ;

    Pump slowly and feel the heat .

    When diagnosing a soon -to- be married lady with epilepsy ,

    May i almighty also explain her fiance,to not make her a Patsy;

    That she or her genes are not at fault and,

    A healthy married life will be her's by default .

    O my brainy heart , skip a beat ;

    Pump slowly and feel the heat .

    I yearn for the skill to reassure a shaky young man With ET,

    That a simple treatment can cure him out of self-pity ,

    That he can go out in the crowd and do whatever he desires,

    He is as good as anyone else,

    Whatever transpires..

    O my brainy heart , skip a beat ;

    Pump slowly and feel the heat .

    May i allow the stroke patient with Wernicke' s aphasia to speak ,

    & Looking at his eyes , decipher his emotion despite his jargon speech.

    Make him feel that he can still express ,

    That he is not in any way weak ..

    O my brainy heart , skip a beat ;

    Pump slowly and feel the heat .

    May i have the courage , zest and valor

    To not accept defeat , to not become dull..

    Even if the disease is destructive, degenerative or diabolically deceitful

    For if even i can not treat with all the science or technology ,

    I can still be humane , have empathy, reassure and express an apology

    O my brainy heart , skip a beat ;

    Pump slowly and feel the heat .

  • 29 Aug 2023 9:13 AM | Anonymous

    The Common Pathways of Epileptogenesis in Patients With Epilepsy Post-Brain Injury: Findings From a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

    Shubham Misra, Erum Khan, TuKiet T Lam, Rajarshi Mazumder, Kapil Gururangan, L. Brian Hickman, Vaibhav Goswami, Melissa C Funaro, Ece Eldem, Lauren H. Sansing, Jason J Sico, Terence J. Quinn, David Liebeskind, Joan Montaner, Patrick Kwan, Nishant K Mishra

    View Full Paper

  • 29 Aug 2023 8:42 AM | Anonymous

    Did you know that there is a critical shortage of neurologists nationally and in Georgia? This shortage has far-reaching implications for patient care and access to neurological services. However, there is hope on the horizon. Dr. Uma Menon, Chief of Neurology and Inaugural Neurology Residency Program Director at Morehouse School of Medicine, is leading the charge to address this issue and promote neural health. In fact, she recently appeared on the Rashad Richey Morning Show to discuss the importance of neural health and combatting dementia. Let's dive into Dr. Menon's mission and the significance of her work.

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  • 29 Aug 2023 8:36 AM | Anonymous

    Dr. Seemant Chaturvedi Publishes Paper on Extracranial-Intracranial Bypass Surgery for Stroke Prevention in JAMA, view the paper here

  • 18 Jul 2023 12:50 PM | Anonymous

    Now Accepting Applications for the 2024 AINA Lifetime Achievement Award!

    Deadline: November 2, 2023

    Apply Now!

    The AINA Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes a leader in neurology by her/his peers. The recipient will be a North American neurologist chosen based on her/his dedication in advancing the training of North American neurologists of Indian origin and promoting innovation and research in the field of neurology. The recipient will have supported Indian neurologists over a significant period of time in achieving meaningful progress toward expressed goals.

  • 18 Jul 2023 12:45 PM | Anonymous

    Abhimanyu Mahajan, MD, MHS was recognized as Emerging leader in Dystonia research by the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation. Our work over the last decade has been featured in a special issue of the Dystonia journal.

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  • 18 Jul 2023 12:41 PM | Anonymous

    August 18 to August 20, 2023

    JW Marriott, Aerocity, New Delhi, India

    We are pleased to announce that Dr. U Meenakshisundaram, Director & Senior Consultant Dept. of Neurology, SIMS Hospital will be joining us as a distinguished speaker at the upcoming Indian Committee of Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ICTRIMS).

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  • 17 May 2023 3:46 PM | Anonymous

    The Mizzou's School of Medicine names Pradeep Sahota Aspiring Leadership Award after AINA Member, Dr. Pradeep Sahota. 

    Dr. Pradeep Sahota has served as chair of the Department of Neurology for the past 25 years. He has been a guiding light for the department, medical education, research, innovation, and patient care. As chair of the Department of Neurology, Dr. Sahota was a servant leader who led by example and with kindness, concern, fairness, vision, wisdom, patience, and collegiality.

    Pranav Suri, M3 receives inaugural award.

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