AINA Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

2022 Award Recipient

Aneesh Singhal, MD

Thank you Statement: I am honored to join the list of eminent neurologists who have received the AINA Lifetime Achievement Award! Thank you to AINA’s nominating, selection, and executive committee members, the AAN, the American Brain Foundation, and to my family for their unwavering support. I am proud to belong to the community of Indian-origin neurologists in North America whose clinical and scientific contributions have significantly improved patient care around the world. It has been a privilege to witness AINA’s growth and collaboration with the AAN and with several Indian neurology organizations over the last two decades.

Why the Recipient was Chosen:

Dr. Singhal was selected for his significant contributions towards the growth of AINA over the last 18 years, he has trained numerous colleagues of Indian origin, and is well known for innovation and research in the field of Neurology (Stroke).

Dr. Singhal joined AINA in 2003 on the suggestion of Dr. Kapil Sethi during the AAN meeting in Hawaii. At that time, AINA was still in nascent stages with fewer than 50 members who met informally for dinner once a year during the AAN meeting. Dr. Singhal soon became a member of the AINA Executive Committee. He served under the leadership of several AINA Past Presidents including Dr. Poovillam Subramaniam, Manmohan Nayyar, Jai Kumar, Pradeep Sahota, and Sajjan Nemani. During his tenure on this committee from 2003-2011 and thereafter, he has contributed to AINA in numerous ways including; formalizing bylaws, establishing sub-committees and sub-sections, membership drives, helped establish the Lifetime Achievement Award, developed collaborations with other Neurology Associations, and helped recognize other AINA members for their accomplishments over the years.

Dr. Singhal's contributions are not restricted to the USA he has collaborated in meaningful ways with counterparts in India. He is a life member of Indian Stroke Association (ISA), the Indian Academy of Neurology (IAN), and the Association of Physicians in India (API).

Congratulations again on receiving the AINA Lifetime Achievement Award your dedication to advancing the training of North American neurologists of Indian origin, promoting innovation and research in the field of neurology, and support of Indian neurologists over the last two decades. We are proud to call you one of our own!

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