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Membership Categories & Dues

Active/ Annual Member:

A physician that holds a MD, DO, PhD (or equivalent), has had accredited training in Neurology, Neuroscience or Neurosurgery, and who has an active interest in activities of the Association. Active members in good standing for more than one year will be eligible for active office.

Annual Membership Dues for Active/ Annual Member = $100

Life Member:

Any person who meets all of the requirements of the Active/ Annual Membership and pays a one time membership fee of $500.

Life Member Dues = $500, paid once

In-Training Member:

Any person who is enrolled in a Neurology training program in North America.

In-Training/ Associate Member Dues = Complimentary with in training documentation

Senior Member:

Any person who is a fully retired active member in good standing for at least one year.

Annual Senior Member Dues = $50 Annually

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