Membership details and dues information 

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Active/Annual membership applies to a person who shall hold MD, DO, PhD (or equivalent), have accredited training in Neurology, Neuroscience or Neurosurgery and have an active interest in activities of the Association.  Annual dues are $100/year. Any active member in good standing for more than one year will be eligible for active office.

Life Membership applies to a person who shall meet all of the requirements of the Annual membership and pay one time fees of $500.

In-Training/Associate membership applies to a person who is enrolled in a in a training program in North America.  Annual dues are Complimentary with in training documentation.

Honorary membership is awarded by AINA to any person with a record of distinguished service to the field of clinical neurology and who shares interest in the activities of the Association. A member is nominated from the Membership Committee and elected by vote at the annual meeting.

Senior membership applies to a person who shall be fully retired active members who have been in good standing for at least one year.  Annual dues are $50.

Auxillary members. The spouse or significant others of members. They will not be eligible to vote or hold office. 

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