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AINA is a dynamic organization that was set up to bring together neurologists of Indian origin for a common goal of promoting patient care, teaching and research. Your feedback into the ongoing efforts of the association to achieve this goal is extremely important to us.

AINA Remembers Founding President, Shri K Mishra, MD

It is with great sadness that AINA remembers Founding President, Dr. Shri K. Mishra. Through his spirit of generosity, Dr. Mishra has shared his knowledge and friendship over the years to hundreds of neurology fellows, residents, medical students, researches and more. AINA is forever grateful for Dr. Mishra’s leadership and dedication to the field of neurology. He is responsible for connecting hundreds of neurologists from both India and the United States through AINA and the association’s activities.

AINA has established a Trainee Award in honor of Dr. Shri K. Mishra. If you would like to make a donation to honor Dr. Mishra and continue to fund this award in years to come, you can do so below.

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