AINA Committees

Volunteer/ Mentoring Committee
The Volunteer/ Mentoring Committee connects members with relevant opportunities. 

  • Shubhi Agarwal, MD - Chair
  • Parul Goyal, MD
  • Prasanna Reddy, MD
  • Ninad Desai, MD

Research Committee
The Research Committee works on creating avenues for research collaborations for AINA members as well as enhancing research opportunities pertaining to Asian-Indians.

  • Rajeev Garg, MD - Chair
  • Parneet Grewal, MD
  • Nishant Mishra, MD

Education Committee

The Education Committee creates the podcast 'Reflecting with AINA' and enriching webinars. 

  • Geetanjali Rathore, MD - Chair
  • Dipakkumar Pandya, MD
  • Abhishek Singh, MD

Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee is boosting our outreach through website, online and social media presence. 

  • Atul Kalanuria, MD - Chair
  • Mohamed Ibrahim Abdul Aleem, MD
  • Pazhani Ranganathan, MD
  • Nidhi Ravishankar, MD

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