AAN Palatucci Advocacy Leadership Forum (PALF)

21 Feb 2024 12:55 PM | Anonymous

AAN is accepting applications for their prestigious Palatucci Advocacy Leadership Forum (PALF) until Mar5th. It is a great resource to learn about advocacy at your institution, community, or national level. Some of our members who have done this program speak highly of it.

Dr Parneet Grewal states "It gives trainees tools to successfully advocate for their ideas and develop their identity as physician advocates. The program teaches action plans with achievable goals, grassroots and legislative advocacy, and on-camera media training. It also gives participants the opportunity to develop advocacy and communication skills, enhance professional development through networking, work on career planning, and find opportunities to get involved in advocacy work on a regional and national level. This was my first formal exposure to advocacy. Apart from advocacy and networking, I learned about relationships, self-reflection, communication, and conflict management. Most importantly, I made lifelong friendships and formed a close-knit community with colleagues who are as passionate about advocating for neurological issues."

Dr Uma Menon states "This program is extremely helpful in learning how to advocate for a topic you are interested in to be most effective. It transitions one into an 'expert' who is sought after by patient support groups, health blogs, and many others. The media training is very impactful."

If you are interested in applying for this program and would like help with building your application, please let us know. Several AINA members experienced with this program can provide guidance and mentorship.

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