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Congratulations Dr. Sonika Agrawal for her Accomplishments!

23 Jan 2023 9:45 AM | Anonymous
  • Dr. Sonika Agarwal is the founder of the Fetal Neurology Consortium (as an initiative led under AAN Transforming Leadership Program 2021) that presently represents eight  fetal-neonatal neurologists involved with programs at maternal-pediatric medical centers associated with academic institutions across the US for collaborations for educational and academic scholarships. The collaborative work of the Fetal Neurology Consortium also launched the Child Neurology Society Special Interest Group at the CNS Annual meeting 2022 at Cincinnati, OH in October 2022.
  • Dr. Agarwal also organized the Breakfast Seminar on Fetal Neurology: advances and future landscape- as part of the initiative under the Fetal Neurology Consortium and Child Neurology Society meeting 2022, Cincinnati, OH.
  • Steering Committee Member to the Global Pregnancy Collaborative (CoLab), an international professional organization that explores improved global maternal care and adverse conditions confronted by the maternal/placental/fetal triad.
  • Adjunct Member on Global Research on Developmental Disabilities Collaborators (GRDDC), a foremost culturally-diverse partnership for data driven optimal early childhood development.
  • Posters:
  • Tomo Tarui, Charu Venkatesan, Dawn Gano, Monica Lemmon, Sarah B. Mulkey, Andrea Pardo, Lisa Emrick, Mark Scher, Sonika AgarwalFetal Neurology Practice Survey. 14th International Newborn Brain Conference (INBBC) 2023 Page: Poster, February 2023.
  • Renee DiCicco, Natalie Burrill, Haley Crane, Nahla Khalek, Juliana Gebb, Sonika Agarwal, Matthew Whitehead, Deborah Zarnow, Edward Oliver, Ashley Bach, Julie MoldenhauerTwo Cases of Prenatally Diagnosed Cri-du-Chat Syndrome and Associated MRI Findings. ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting 2023 March 2023.
  • Virali Patel, Tomo Tarui, Charulata Venkatesan, Sonika AgarwalPrenatal Neurologic Diagnosis: Challenges in Neuroimaging, Prognostic Counseling, and Prediction of Neurodevelopmental Outcomes. Child Neurology Society Annual Meeting 2022 October 2022

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